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15+ years experience 
Competitive Bodybuilder / Coach / Virtual Coach
Sponsored Brand Ambassador
Currently In Pursuit of a World Record Lift

Results Fitness Jax was built on a comprehensive foundation that combines strong fitness awareness, goal setting, and safety to improve your health as well as feeling of well-being, life content, and self esteem

"Taking control of your health and getting in great shape is not an easy task and not done overnight...  but access to 15 years of knowledge and practical application will definitely speed the process up!" 

                                                                                                            -Coach Rick


Competitive Bodybuilder  
Personal Trainer / Online Coach


Currently continuing education in exercise science, Aaron Discovered his passion for Fitness many years ago, leading up to his First Physique Contest in 2020. As a long time competitive athlete Aaron is knowledgable in sports performance enhancement and sport specific training.

Aaron has a passion for motivating others and promoting a safe lifting environment for beginner and advanced lifters to progress in gaining strength and quality muscle tone... and specializes in sculpting great legs!  

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